ABC Frames & Trusses is based in St Marys, in the industrial area. ABC has provided and serviced all clients with quality and reliability for over 30 Years. The company has shifted its objective over this period from providing an array of building supplies, to strictly producing frames and trusses for residential properties.


At ABC we estimate, construct and deliver our products using the latest in both technology and machinery to provide our customers with a quality product, no matter how large or small the job is.


In 1969, Duilio Crosariol (Will), started the supply and install of conventional framing. Once this took off, he started a company in 1978, 9 Years after the supply and install days called Detailed Pre-fabrication Frame, located at Lansdowne Street, Guildford. Will then bought trusses from Sydney Roof Trusses, which was sold as a package deal. 2 Years later, Will met Peter Norris, and after much deliberation, they came to the consensus of agreeing to a new business name ABC Trusses. The acronym of ABC stood for Australian Building Components, and was based at Bearing Road, Seven Hills for 6 Years. In 1986, the two companies formed a merger and took on the name ABC Frames & Trusses, which is still a household name and located at our now current location of Anne Street, St Mary’s. In 1992, ABC Supplies took shape for the purpose of selling building supplies such as:

  • Window cladding
  • Windows
  • Cavity door sliders
  • Roofing
  • Bricks etc.

In the early 2000’s, the company decided to supply and install roll formed facias and gutters, unfortunately, in 2008 with the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) impacting worldwide markets, resulted in a tremendous slackening of sales, thus, resulting in the scaling back of the company’s assets to only the manufacturing of frames and trusses, which is the predominant focus still to this day.