timber Trusses - Sydney & NSW

Our timber trusses are detailed, designed and produced with you in mind. Our trusses also meet the requirements and capacity for any job with both fluidity and quality, without any break in the strict compliance to any and all of the specifications of the BCA. Thus, ABC Trusses are more than just one element of your structure, but also structurally sound and beautiful.


When choosing ABC Frames and Trusses you can feel comfortable knowing that your project will not only stay on budget but we'll also prioritise your project based on your needs and wants. We are here to support the developer and builder with any requirements and potential specific needs, with further and greater assistance through an after-hours service promising to assist to our greatest of abilities.

We have over 30 Years of experience in frame and truss industry, supporting customers in both small and large scale projects in Sydney and New South Wales.


Our timber trusses meet strict quality assurance criteria such as:

  • H2 grade timber, with mechanical precision
  • Dressed timber for termite and weather protection
  • Perfectly cut and assembled to suit any need
  • Lightweight and manageable for any worksite 
  • Easy to follow/read detailed layouts


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