Engineered timber systems are becoming more and more refined making them the material of choice due to durability, structural integrity and ease of installation.

Developed by Mitek, made to order PosiStrut timber Flooring systems are the best example of such systems.
Consisting of parallel chord Trusses using timber chords with the unique PosiStrut® metal webs, Posi Struts are prefabricated, fully customised, engineered Flooring system, which combines the versatility of timber with the strength of the metal. It is also a cost-effective solution as larger spans can be achieved at minimum extra cost. These roof and Flooring solutions provide a lot of advantages and savings for people building their homes.
Lighter than traditional joists, with the ability to achieve larger internal room sizes and wider fixing area, Struts come in various depths from 250mm to 400mm. Having consistent floor depth for the entire project eliminates uneven ceiling levels.
Prefabricated Flooring systems like Posistrut are robust, and because of reduced weight, they're much easier to handle onsite than solid timber.
Posistruts allows for a much easier installation of electrical, plumbing and other services as there's no need for drilling or notching to accommodate them. It will reduce the time and cost of installing all the services as well as preserve the integrity of the timber Flooring systems.
Another significant advantage of using Posistruts is that the internal load-bearing walls, piers or stumps and bearers can be reduced and ceiling material fixed directly to the bottom chords of the truss. Faster installation times will help to reduce construction cost as well.
Struts also reduce shrinkage problems sometimes encountered with unseasoned solid timber. Load sharing ability is much better than other materials with strongback bracing increasing floor stiffness and reducing the likelihood of having squeaky floors.


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