Timber wall frames and roof Trusses:

  • Cheaper
  • Have soundproofing properties
  • Don't contract or expand with temperature fluctuations
  • Don't rust
  • Energy Efficient, don't transmit/absorb heat. Large cavities in timber frame roofing allow for extra insulation
  • Preferred for residential construction projects including Hebel construction
  • Susceptible to weathering
  • Easier to Install
  • Can be Recycled
  • Aesthetics - exposed timber beams can be used for decorative applications
    Low Carbon Footprint

Steel wall frames and roof Trusses:

  • More Expensive
  • Transmit sound more easily
  • Can contract and expand with temperature fluctuations
  • Can rust where they're cut or drilled
  • Less energy-efficient, easily transmit heat
  • Preferred for large commercial projects
  • More durable and less susceptible to weathering
  • Require more skills to install
  • Non-combustible and resistant to borers and termites
  • Don't contain chemicals or pesticides
  • Can be recycled

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